05 First-Time Marijuana Users Discuss Their Edible Experience

The highs and lows of trying marijuana for the first time (or the first time in a long time).


Michael, 31
Church Admin Assistant.

Because I am a confirmed Good Boy and a bit of a coward at heart, I never tried to buy cigarettes previously. I also smoked marijuana a little in college. When this became a choice, I bought it right away. I enjoy gummies, so the concept of gummies that can also induce intoxication appealed to me. (I want to try the cocktails; I haven’t yet.)

I just consume about half a gummy at a time and take it relatively gently. Because of my rather low tolerance, that works for me. I then normally watch TV or a movie with my wife. It makes for a relaxing date night.

I never enjoyed getting high at parties, not even in college. It has always seemed like a more alone or tranquil activity to me. My wife and I both participate in it, and I truly enjoy it that way. This is a really great way to relax and take the edge off, even though I don’t drink much anymore and am typically sober. I would like to see limits loosened far further. Although I don’t enjoy smoking, I would love to have more access to edibles. In all honesty, I believe that Target should have it available.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say except that if you watch the original Star Trek movie, the ships really do move that slowly; it’s not you. Instead, try Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.


Nat, 33
Marketing Manager 

 I consumed marijuana for the first time at 4:20 in 2008. I tried a tiny bite of a cake with a shady green tint that someone had cooked. I continued eating an hour later after nothing happened. I later became *high*, had the munchies, and consumed even more cake. In my own neighborhood, I set out to go to a friend’s bonfire, but I got lost and became terrified because it was late. I got to the fire, but after that I was essentially verbally impaired and agitated, staring at the fire till I walked home.

In 2013, a friend of mine baked cookies and suggested that I take half and go biking. We were in a clearing near Theo Wirth by some hay bales intended for archery practice when the cookie hit me because she has a much greater tolerance than I do.

I was crying inconsolably, freaking out, and hyperventilating. Then she said, “Ok when you come down, you’re going to want to clean everything and you should heed to that,” and she was RIGHT because despite being frightened, my apartment was fucking SPOTLESS. She made me do tai chi and breathing exercises then biked me home.

Anyway, I don’t consume marijuana as frequently since I think it’s gotten a lot stronger, so it’s been challenging to dose without going overboard. For years, I’ve expressed the wish that they would legalize marijuana so that I could relax without drinking too much. I feel so much better knowing it’s legal and dosed! Since I am (and will always be) wary about sourcing, I purchased some from my favorite co-op, a source I can trust.

I purchased some low-dose, locally produced eddies, and since I have faith in my co-brand op’s standards, I felt much more at ease about trying them once more. I started by cutting my 5 mg edible in half because I’m a big baby. However, a tiny adverse effect was that I was a little more conscious of my swallowing throughout meals. Nothing too demanding else. That night, I slept quite well as well.

My partner and I strolled down the street in search of food before watching a movie. I was precisely what I was feeling: at ease and a touch stupid. For me, it’s something I’ll take before a large event or to unwind at home before doing some tedious housekeeping. This year, I took a little dose prior to visiting the State Fair, which I felt was great! I was less concerned by the throngs. I enjoy that using edibles nearly removes my desire to drink alcohol, which for me virtually eliminates hangovers.


Bob, 38

 Prior to this, I was afraid about getting a job because it was against the law, and I didn’t want to take the chance. But I wished to experience it for myself. My wife went to a business and asked for advice because we know the spouse of the proprietors of a local network of hemp retailers.

My wife and I tried it for the first time without the kids since we didn’t want to risk it with them in the house in case something went wrong when they were staying with the grandparents. For me, it has a strong resemblance to getting buzzed on booze. Just… unwind.

I didn’t have the customary munchies, laughter, or anything similar. But there was definitely morning dry mouth. A benefit is that you didn’t wake up the next day with a hangover despite feeling just as drunk the previous evening.

I don’t think I would use it for anything other than just unwinding at home because I’m still figuring out how much of it it takes to get me high, and I’m still observing how it interacts with alcohol. Since it became legal, I’ve used it one night around every other weekend, and for the time being, I want to keep doing so.

Like alcohol, I believe marijuana should be legal for recreational use, but testing for driving while intoxicated is where I have the most concerns. Unlike alcohol, marijuana lacks a reliable test for objective degrees of current intoxication.


Gina, 41
Policy Consultant 

 I’ll be honest: I had never tried it before Minnesota legalized our newly-legal edibles. It was unlawful! When I was younger than 21, I didn’t really drink either (other than when I studied abroad in Scotland for a semester, where the drinking age was 18).

However, I have many friends who do it for fun, so I felt I might as well give it a shot.

I decided to make a purchase from Nothing But Hemp after seeing it referenced in a Star Tribune story. Because I assumed they were mimosa-flavored, I chose their gummies with that name.

It really goes to show how little I knew about marijuana because I had no idea that was a specific strain. Yeah, growing up I was definitely not one of the cool kids.

I made the decision to do it with my friend, Gina, so that we might perhaps watch out for one another. We divided a 5 mg gummy, but there wasn’t much of an impact. “Do you feel anything?” we asked as we sat in her pool.

I’m not sure. I feel at ease, but I’m not sure if it’s the gummies or the fact that we’re drinking in a pool. After trying another half, Gina informed me that my speech wasn’t quite right. I essentially just felt a little tipsy. Apart from that, I felt good.

Since my first attempt, I’ve tried again and discovered that 5 mg is too much for me because it actually makes me feel drunk. (I’m not strong!) However, if I only take half of one, it definitely helps with anxiousness.

When I have to give speeches or presentations in front of an audience, I am pretty anxious, but after taking the half-gummy, my anxiety was almost nonexistent. Although I’m not sure if I’d use it recreationally the way I do with alcohol, I’ll continue to use it if I know I’m going to feel worried.


Tim, 26

After a few cocktails, I had a nasty bong rip that really destroyed my night. I was extremely affected by the bong rip, and I started to favor drinking and marijuana. I thought I understood the effects of alcohol on me better.

I tend to be a little bit of a square as well, but now that I was able to grasp the THC concentration, I felt like trying it. (I must appreciate Racket for their helpful guide on how to obtain it.)

My perception of time struck me as being the most unexpected. When I attempted to go for a stroll while high and had a specific objective in mind, the distance traveled seemed to take twice as long as it should have. But aside from that, it felt good.

I probably won’t do this at parties because I didn’t feel very extroverted about it or like I’d want to keep up with someone while I was high. It does seem like a wonderful alternative for establishing quiet nights in the future.

It appears that barely 20% of the work required for legalization has been completed. I favor broadening the range of legal alternatives. Additionally, this didn’t address any of the consequences of the drug war, and if it isn’t done purposefully with support for growers and producers.

I believe there is a genuine risk that the two medical marijuana businesses will simply turn into a state duopoly. However, I do kind of appreciate that edibles may presently be sold anyplace. It seems to make market control more difficult.